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Unemployment expected to dominate State of the Nation debate 31 Julho 2014

The July plenary session of parliament is synonymous with the State of the Nation debate, and it isn’t too hard to predict that the PAICV, the party that sustains the government, will do its best to portray a country that is developing. The opposition, for its part, particularly the MpD, has picked unemployment as the main theme of the debate, which promises to heat up tempers in the National Assembly.

Unemployment expected to dominate State of the Nation debate

Today’s State of the Nation debate will be the first following the National Transformation Forum, which was used to lay out the prosperous and developed country all Cape Verdeans hope for on the 2030 horizon. The government will, as such, likely reaffirm its perspective of governance for the near future and insist on the need for wide-reaching national consensus in order to achieve this goal.

The PAICV is expected to focus on economic recovery and strengthen its call for consensus, especially on the heels of the parties in the Social Coordination Council – labor unions, employers and the government – having failed to reach an agreement, postponing further negotiations until October.

The PAICV, in the voice of parliamentary leader Felisberto Vieira, says that, in spite of the international crisis, Cape Verde remains stable, is making progress and has responded positively to the effects of the crisis. “What’s important is that the country is growing, albeit at an anemic pace.” The PAICV calls Cape Verde “a confident, optimistic nation with great self-esteem, despite the difficulties.”

The opposition, mainly the largest opposition party, the MpD, is expected, for its part, to center discussions on the economy, unemployment and security.

The tone was set by party chairman Ulisses Correia e Silva, who affirmed that the party is concerned about the situation in the country. In the MpD leader’s opinion, “any government should be assessed as a function of various different factors, one of which is employment.”

“Cape Verde currently has its lowest ever economic growth rate and one of its highest-ever unemployment rates,” claimed Correia e Silva, stressing that the country is “structurally more fragile and with very serious situational problems.”

“We’ve reached the end of the transformation agenda but we see that our country is no less dependent on the outside world, we’re still incapable of exporting, attracting investments and making the economy grow to become sustainable,” said the MpD leader.

The State of the Nation debate is also likely to be the much-awaited “click” for Prime Minister José Maria Neves to unleash the expected reforms in his government line-up.

The debate on the State of the Nation wraps up the last plenary session of the National Assembly in the current parliamentary year. The next session begins in October.

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