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Univeristy of Cape Verde on list of 100 best in Africa 14 Janeiro 2015

The University of Cape Verde (Uni-CV) comes in 79th place among Africa’s best universities, according to After School Africa’s “Top 100 Universities in Africa” list. The ranking classifying the continent’s best institutions of higher learning is headed by South Africa, with three colleges at the top of the list – Cape Town (in 1st place), Pretoria (in 2nd) and Stellenbosch (in 3rd).

Univeristy of Cape Verde on list of 100 best in Africa

Uni-CV and Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique, which comes in 27th place, are the only institutions of higher learning in Africa’s Portuguese-language countries included on the list of the continent’s 100 best universities.

Uni-CV president Judite Nascimento sees the classification as a gain for Cape Verde and for higher learning in the country. Nevertheless, she says that the Cape Verdean institution could have been better positioned if it were more apt at publicizing its data, particularly regarding cooperation with other academies, distance learning, scientific work, extension activities and other criteria used by After School Africa.

“This represents a gain for us, because we’ve been moving up on the ranking with every year that goes by. But I believe that if we’d publicized our activities more, we could have attained a higher score,” says Judite Nascimento. In order to turn this situation around, Uni-CV is reformulating its web site to provide more information on its accords and programs.

“Uni-CV has more than 100 accords with other international institutions. We have international mobility and cooperation programs with Brazilian and European universities, with Bridgewater State University and Erasmus Mundus. We’re also connected to the African Virtual University for distance learning and we’re working on other programs,” she stressed.

The university president concluded that “this is why this year we’re putting emphasis on academic organization, on financial and administrative management and on reformulating our site in order to better publicize our services and activities.”

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