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Urban requalification work at Quebra Canela (Praia) to improve appearance of shoreline 19 Janeiro 2015

The work aimed at providing the region surrounding Quebra Canela beach with proper urban infrastructures, budgeted at some 120 million escudos, have begun to gain speed with the installation of water mains, sewers and electricity. The entire area above the shoreline is to be paved, giving a more urban aspect to the seaside road that runs from there to the more central regions of Praia. This first phase of work is slated to be concluded in February.

Urban requalification work at Quebra Canela (Praia) to improve appearance of shoreline

Praia municipal infrastructures councilman Alberto Melo explains that the first phase in the urbanization of Quebra Canela has been under execution since December, providing the entire zone with water and sewer network hookups. Pavement work is slated to begin next week. In February, when the first phase is over, the Praia municipal chamber will hold a tender for the requalification of the shoreline itself.

“The tender for bids for the second phase of the project will be launched on the 22nd. Works will include the construction of a parking lot worth some 16 million escudos, but will also encompass all street and paving work. Only after the tender will be announce the precise date of the beginning of construction and the total budget,” explains Melo, who says that the work is being carried out by Cape Verdean companies Marpe-CV and Engeobra.

Melo goes on to explain that the municipal government is negotiating with the company Calú & Ângela, the owner of nearby shopping mall Praia Shopping, to share in the costs of construction of the parking lot, which will be located next to the mall itself. Melo also appealed to Praia residents’ understanding in this phase of the work due to the large quantities of dust being kicked up by the movement of machinery, saying that the project will dignify this area of the city.

As far as a future marina is concerned – one of the requirements written into the contract with the Angolan businessman who plans to erect a 5-star hotel on the beach, work on which is expected to kick off in August of this year and last for two years – Alberto Melo explains that the investor is carrying out a more in-depth study to choose the best possible location for the project. The same entrepreneur, stresses Melo, is also expected to re-qualify the entire area surrounding the hotel.

The work in the Quebra Canela district comes within the context of the detailed plan approved by the city for the local coastal areas and, in addition to the works mentioned, includes a walkway linking the district with Palmarejo Baixo nearby.

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