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Vicente shipwreck: 11 survivors rescued 09 Janeiro 2015

Six more survivors of the sinking of the passenger and cargo ship Vicente have been rescued from an islet lying between the islands of Fogo and Brava by a Spanish Air Force helicopter, bringing the total number of those saved since the beginning of the operation to eleven. The number of confirmed deaths, meanwhile, has risen to two.

Vicente shipwreck: 11 survivors rescued

Rescued and safe are Antónia Dias (passenger), João Domingos Tavares (2nd in command of the Vicente), Daniel Gomes (3rd engine operator), Emanuel “Vela” Augusto Fortes (ship intern), Dirce Eneida do Carmo, Arickson Fonseca, Valdir Renato Gomes dos Santos and Arminio Santos (crew). The only body recovered thus far is that of cook Manuel Zacarias Évora, a resident of the Mindelo neighborhood of Fonte Inês. A child who was a passenger on the ship died after arriving at the hospital in São Filipe.

Eleven people remain missing. Search operations are ongoing, now with the help of the tugboat Damião, which has joined the vessels Kriola, Mar Linda and Ostreia, as well as the Spanish Air Force helicopter that happened to be on the island of São Vicente and was brought to Fogo to assist in the search and rescue effort.

This morning, one of the survivors, second-in-command João Domingos Tavares, affirmed that the ship has left Praia with excess cargo, so much so that it departed with a 6º tilt. According to Tavares, the crew members alerted the captain to the danger, but their fears were dismissed. Upon reaching the island of Fogo, the Vicente moved aside fro m the entrance to Vale dos Cavaleiros port to make way for a departing vessel, the Ostreia, and was hit by a large wave, turning on its side and sinking quickly.

The cargo was apparently made up of containers filled with medicine for the Fogo and Brava Regional Hospital. Searches continue in the hopes of finding additional survivors.

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