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Water and electricity prices down 01 Abril 2015

Water and electricity tariffs being charged by Electra went down this Wednesday, April 1. Electricity rates were reduced, on average, 12.92%, while water tariffs fell 7.69%. Local Boa Vista-based utility company AEB, however, has kept its fares unaltered, but regulatory entity ARE (Economic Regulation Agency) has promised to issue a new tariff scale in the coming days.

Water and electricity prices down

Customers consuming up to 60 kWh of domestic, low-tension electricity will now pay 30 escudos per kWh, while those consuming more will pay 32.95 per kWh.

Electricity for public illumination costs 30 escudos per kWh. Special low-tension electricity customers will pay 33.46 escudos per kWh, while mid-tension will cost 28.49 escudos per kWh.

Domestic water customers will pay 259.06 escudos per cubic meter of water for scale 1, 381.26 for scale 2 and 508.13 for scale 3. Industrial customers will pay 446.79 escudos per cubic meter.

The tariff revision is a result of continued lows in the price of petroleum on international markets, as well as the lower technical loss rates and the increase in the penetration of renewable energies on the national grid.

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