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A SEMANA : Primeiro di?rio caboverdiano em linha

Wells in Casa de Meio (Porto Novo) to be electrified with renewable energies 23 Mar�o 2012

By the end of this year, farmers in Casa de Meio, a village in the municipality of Porto Novo (Santo Antão), will benefit from a program aimed at powering local water wells using solar panels in order to reduce irrigation water costs in the community.

The Mértola Heritage Defense Association and the Portuguese Development Support Institute are the two Portuguese institutions that have made the program possible.

Mértola Heritage Defense Association president Jorge Revés explains that the project is aimed at improving the living conditions of local residents as, in addition to increasing the amount of irrigated land, it will, in a second phase, provide resources for the processing of local agricultural products.

The project also calls for the creation of a multi-use center equipped with computers and Internet access. In the future, the Association also hopes to provide assistance with the development of tourism in Porto Novo.

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