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Maio post office robbed twice in one month 01 Agosto 2009

The post office building on the island of Maio was broken into twice during the month of July. Clients have expressed concern, as on both occasions thieves violated mail and stole cash.



Cape Verde to establish new working hours for Public Administration 01 Agosto 2009

Between August 1 and October 31, the government will establish a new, uninterrupted workday, running from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The decree instituting the new working hours was discussed and approved in the most recent session of the Council of Ministers, Cape Verde’s cabinet.



Malam Bacai Sanhá to be sworn in in September 01 Agosto 2009

The winner of last Sunday’s presidential elections in Guinea Bissau, Malam Bacai Sanhá, will be sworn in on September 8. The date was announced by the president of the country’s National People’s Assembly, Serifo Nhamadjo.



Shortage of medication on market upsets Mindelo residents 31 Julho 2009

There is currently a shortage of a wide variety of different drugs on the island of São Vicente. In recent weeks, a number of patients have tried unsuccessfully to fill their prescriptions at all of the island’s pharmacies, while physicians have been forced to prescribe alternative medications to make up for the shortage, which, they say, is beginning to become a major concern.



North Santiago PAICV Regional Political Commission elections coming up Sunday 31 Julho 2009

The governing PAICV’s North Santiago Regional Political Commission will be holding direct elections to elect its new leader this Sunday. José Maria Veiga, a member of the party’s National Council and the head of its External Relations department, is the consensual candidate for the leadership of the North Santiago Regional Political Commission, and will be aided by two vice-presidents: Orlando Sanches and Victor Baessa, the mayors of the municipalities of Santa Cruz and São Lourenço dos Órgãos, respective...


Cape Verdean national basketball team trains in Portugal in preparation for Afrobasket 31 Julho 2009

Cape Verde’s national basketball selection and its coach by Alex Nwora are currently in Rio Maior, Portugal, where it will undergo training in preparation for Afrobasket 2009, slated to take place between August 5 and 15 in Libya.



Child electrocuted in Porto Novo 31 Julho 2009

A nine-year-old boy was killed yesterday in Porto Novo (Santo Antão) after he received an electrical discharge. The incident apparently occurred when the boy, named Amery, went into his kitchen for breakfast at 11:00 am.


Mail from the Islands

Praia de Telha festival gets Tarrafal de São Nicolau hopping 31 Julho 2009

The municipality of Tarrafal de São Nicolau will host the Praia de Telha festival beginning today, July 31. The two-day musical event is the high point of the local municipal festivities, which come to a close on municipal day, August 3. The government has given public employees in the municipality a day off Monday, and there is even news of ships coming from other islands to bring festival-goers to Tarrafal de São Nicolau.


Coming up

New Order of Physicians president sworn in 31 Julho 2009

The new president of the Order of Physicians of Cape Verde (OMC) will be sworn in today, July 31, in a ceremony to take place at the National Assembly building in Praia. Júlio Andrade is a specialist in ophthalmology, the sector for which is responsible at Praia’s Agostinho Neto Hospital. Andrade was elected at the OMC’s 7th general assembly in June of this year to succeed Luís Leite, who had led the Order since 2001. The ceremony will be attended by representatives of the Community of Portuguese Language Co...

News briefs

Corsino Tolentino: Africa needs less ideology and more science 31 Julho 2009

Researcher and former Cape Verdean Minister of Education Corsino Tolentino believes that less ideology and more science is needed to mitigate the difficulties experienced in Africa. Tolentino expressed this belief during the symposium on the United States of Africa that ended yesterday in Senegalese capital Dakar.


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