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Jon Luz and Calú Moreira live at São Luiz Theater, Lisbon (Portugal) 31 Julho 2009

Cape Verdean musicians Jon Luz and Calú Moreira will perform this Friday and Saturday night at the São Luiz Municipal Theater’s Winter Garden in Portuguese capital Lisbon.

Juventude em Marcha presents “Chuva Braba” at National Auditorium 30 Julho 2009

Santo Antão-based theater group Juventude em Marcha will present its newest play, “Chuva Braba,” to the Praia public Thursday and Friday at the Jorge Barbosa National Auditorium. The play is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by writer Manuel Lopes.

Cape Verdean dance at the International Festival of Arts and Cultures in Trebilhadouro (Portugal) 30 Julho 2009

Cape Verdean dancer José Silva, better known as Bóris, will direct a contemporary African dance workshop at the International Festival of Arts and Cultures in Trebilhadouro, Portugal, between July 31 and August 2.

Cape Verdean music festival in Brockton 25 Julho 2009

Arnone Park in the Massachusetts city of Brockton will host a festival of Cape Verdean music on Sunday, July 26. The festival stage will see both new and veteran artists of both traditional and contemporary styles.

Noah Andrade plays in Sovereign Plaza Ballroom, Providence 25 Julho 2009

Young Cape Verdean artist Noah Andrade will perform Saturday, July 25, at the Sovereign Plaza Ballroom in Providence, Rhode Island.

Tcheka on tour in France 22 Julho 2009

Tcheka is on tour in France to promote his CD Lonji, produced by Brazilian musician Lenine.

Teté and Sara Alhinho take “Gerassons” to the Mediterranean 17 Julho 2009

Singer Tété Alhinho and her daughter Sara will take Gerassons, the CD they recorded together last year, to stages in Spain, Portugal and Italy as a part of the 2009 edition of the Sete Sóis, Sete Luas festival.

Cordas do Sol live at Alta Lua 17 Julho 2009

Santo Antão-based band Cordas do Sol is returning to the stage tonight, July 17, at the Alta Lua club in Mindelo’s MindelHotel. The concert begins at 11:30 pm.

3rd edition of Nhô Kzik Violin Festival pays homage to Travadinha 03 Julho 2009

The Ribeira Grande de Santo Antão municipal chamber will hold the third edition of the Nhô Kzik Violin Festival on July 3 and 4 in the town of Ponta do Sol. Late violinist António Vicente Lopes, better known as Travadinha, will be paid homage in this edition of the festival, which will feature more than 16 different violinists, some of whom reside abroad.

Cesária Évora performs in Venezuela for the first time 12 Maio 2009

The stage of Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas, Venezuela, will welcome the barefoot diva later this month for her first-ever concert in the country. Cesária Évora will perform on May 29 in the theater, one of the largest cultural complexes in Latina America.

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