Ministry of Agriculture supports farmers with breeders to improve goat stock 30 Julho 2009

The Fogo delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Environment, Rural Development and Marine Resources will provide assistance to the island’s farmers, providing them with more breeders. The measure comes as part of the food security project financed by the Spanish Cooperation Agency and by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which is aimed at improving goat and bovine stocks in the archipelago.

Demand for Cabo Verde Fast Ferry bonds exceeds supply 29 Julho 2009

The demand for Cabo Verde Fast Ferry future bonds was slightly greater than the supply, according to Cape Verde Stock Exchange president Veríssimo Pinto, who spoke to A Semana Online. “Cape Verde and the island of Brava should be proud that a serious development problem has been resolved with this operation,” said the Cape Verde Stock Exchange president.

Cabo Verde Investimentos to begin promoting Cape Verde as destination for investments again 28 Julho 2009

Investment and tourism promotion agency Cabo Verde Investimentos intends to begin promoting Cape Verde as a destination for foreign investments once again. Administrator Carlos Rocha explained to A Semana Online that this involves having a clear promotion strategy, as opposed to occasional and individual actions, particularly in trade fairs.

Inflation down 1.8% in June 27 Julho 2009

The Consumer Price Index registered a monthly variation rate of -0.3% between May and June of this year, while the homologous variation rate dropped 1.8% in regards to May, standing at 0.1%.

Halcyonair begins flying to São Nicolau and increases number of flights to Fogo and Boa Vista 27 Julho 2009

Privately-owned Cape Verdean company Halcyon Airways will begin operating flights to the island of São Nicolau this week, offering three weekly flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

New tourist enterprise born in Santa Cruz 24 Julho 2009

The municipality of Santa Cruz, on the island of Santiago, will soon see the emergence of a tourist real-estate enterprise that will modify its landscape, contribute toward its socio-economic development and provide a quality product in the tourist real-estate sector.

Authorities unaware of plans for ship on Fogo-Brava line 22 Julho 2009

Cape Verdean authorities are not aware of the project aimed at placing a ship on the route between the islands of Fogo and Brava announced by entrepreneurs in the United States. Minister of Infrastructures, Transportation and Communications Manuel Inocêncio Sousa affirms that he has yet to receive any documents on the supposed initiative. The Maritime and Port Institute, meanwhile, admits is was approached by a businessman who claimed to be Portuguese and who requested information on the legal procedures necessary for a

Minister of the Economy visits São Vicente 21 Julho 2009

Minister of the Economy, Growth and Competitiveness Fátima Fialho began a work visit to São Vicente on Tuesday, July 21. During her visit to the island, the cabinet minister will meet with local Economy Ministry employees, visit the São Vicente municipal chamber and meet with the directorship of the Windward Islands Chamber of Commerce and the Windward Islands Commercial Association.

Cabo Verde Fast Ferry future bonds break record on Cape Verde Stock Exchange 21 Julho 2009

The public sale offer of Cabo Verde Fast Ferry bonds, which will end on Friday, July 24, has been a success, according to Cape Verde Stock Exchange president Veríssimo Pinto, who spoke three days before the offer is set to wrap up. “We’ve already broken records in terms of investor participation. We had about 500 participants, which is a record for operations carried out by the Cape Verde Stick Exchange,” he said.

Promitur advises associates to adopt adjustment measures 17 Julho 2009

The Cape Verdean Association of Tourist Real-Estate Promoters (Promitur) is asking its associates to adjust their business plans in order to weather the financial crisis that has begun to be felt in the country.

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