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Maio post office robbed twice in one month 01 Agosto 2009

The post office building on the island of Maio was broken into twice during the month of July. Clients have expressed concern, as on both occasions thieves violated mail and stole cash.

Praia de Telha festival gets Tarrafal de São Nicolau hopping 31 Julho 2009

The municipality of Tarrafal de São Nicolau will host the Praia de Telha festival beginning today, July 31. The two-day musical event is the high point of the local municipal festivities, which come to a close on municipal day, August 3. The government has given public employees in the municipality a day off Monday, and there is even news of ships coming from other islands to bring festival-goers to Tarrafal de São Nicolau.

New public auction for presidential house on Sal 29 Julho 2009

The Department of State Patrimony will soon re-organize the process for the sale of the official residence of the President of the Republic on the island of Sal, a house popularly known as Madama. On Tuesday, no potential buyers showed up at the public auction aimed at selling off the piece of real-estate.

More car thefts on São Vicente 28 Julho 2009

A Mindelo resident spent more than 30 hours looking for his Nissan vehicle, which was stolen over the weekend in the Monte Sossego neighborhood of the city. On Monday afternoon, he found it abandoned in the district of Ribeira de Vinha.

Three killed in traffic accident in Praia 27 Julho 2009

Sónia Mendes Fernandes, Ludmila Patrícia Semedo and Helena Lopes were killed on impact in a traffic accident Sunday night in Monte Vaca, on the outskirts of Praia. The three young women, aged between 17 and 20, were all residents of the municipality of São Salvador do Mundo, on the island of Santiago.

New stage to be used in this year’s Baía das Gatas festival 27 Julho 2009

The 2009 edition of São Vicente’s Baía das Gatas festival will take place on a brand new stage. The new structure presents more appropriate physical conditions and includes a press room and two dressing rooms.

Embargo on Santo Antão agricultural products near end 25 Julho 2009

The embargo that for the past twenty years has prevented agricultural products from leaving the island of Santo Antão appears close to ending. A step in this direction will be taken today, when work on the Porto Novo vegetable and tuber treatment center will begin. The center was conceived as a way of guaranteeing the elimination of the millipede plague on the island, the main reason for the forced isolation of the products grown on the island, one of Cape Verde’s most productive in terms of agriculture.

Calibration flight to take place at São Pedro Airport on August 6 25 Julho 2009

São Pedro Airport on the island of São Vicente will on August 6 welcome the ASECNA aircraft that will inspect and calibrate its Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI), a procedure necessary for the airport to begin receiving international flights. According to Airport and Air Security company (ASA) administrative council president Mário Paixão, ASECNA will send a report to the Civil Aeronautics Agency following the test flight for certification purposes.

Child suspected of having swine flu under house quarantine on Sal 24 Julho 2009

A 9-year-old Austrian child who arrived on the island of Sal with symptoms similar to those of swine flu (H1N1 virus) is under house quarantine at his family’s residence in the Murdeira district of the island. The little girl and her family, who disembarked at Sal’s Amílcar Cabral International Airport after arriving on a flight from Munich, Germany on Wednesday, will be kept under medical surveillance until the Sal Health Department delegation receives the results of laboratory tests.

Seven arrested for illegal possession of weapons on Brava 23 Julho 2009

National Police on the island of Brava arrested seven individuals last weekend for illegal possession of firearms, ammunition, currency and drugs. National Police officers also seized four vehicles as a part of their first operation within the context of the Summer Security Plan.

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