Cape Verde to establish new working hours for Public Administration 01 Agosto 2009

Between August 1 and October 31, the government will establish a new, uninterrupted workday, running from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The decree instituting the new working hours was discussed and approved in the most recent session of the Council of Ministers, Cape Verde’s cabinet.

Shortage of medication on market upsets Mindelo residents 31 Julho 2009

There is currently a shortage of a wide variety of different drugs on the island of São Vicente. In recent weeks, a number of patients have tried unsuccessfully to fill their prescriptions at all of the island’s pharmacies, while physicians have been forced to prescribe alternative medications to make up for the shortage, which, they say, is beginning to become a major concern.

Cape Verde to be first country to welcome visit by Guinea Bissau’s new president 30 Julho 2009

President Pedro Pires telephoned Guinea Bissau’s president-elect Malam Bacai Sanhá Wednesday to congratulate him on his win in the country’s presidential run-off elections Sunday. Pedro Pires expressed his hopes that Sanhá’s term in office would be stable and help lead the country down the path of well-being and progress.

Government makes first promotions in Public Administration since 2003 30 Julho 2009

The July 29th edition of the Official State Bulletin contains a list of promotions for all public employees whose career progression had been frozen since 2003. A second wave of promotions for those public employees who have been waiting for status progressions since 2004 and 2005 will be carried out during the month of August. State Secretary of Public Administration Romeu Modesto guarantees that by 2010 the government hopes to resolve all of the other delayed promotions in Public Administration in an operation that is e

Cape Verde sees first rainfall of the season 29 Julho 2009

Since the early morning hours today, July 29, Cape Verde has been moistened by the first rains of the season. Information from the National Meteorological Institute indicates that more rain will fall over the coming 24 hours, mainly in the Leeward Islands.

Ruling in Sal drug trafficking case postponed until October 29 Julho 2009

The ruling in the trial of five suspects in the Sal drug trafficking case (José Jorge, Tigana, Zé Pote, Naiss and Lígia Furtado), originally slated to be handed down on July 31, has been postponed until October, immediately after the beginning of the next judicial year. Public prosecutors have recommended heavy sentences ranging between 15 and 29 years for the accused, and the money laundering law is also expected to be invoked, considering the wealth assumed to have resulted from drug trafficking accumulated by the de

Hillary Clinton’s visit to Cape Verde confirmed 29 Julho 2009

Hillary Clinton will visit Cape Verde on August 13 and 14, with the main point on her agenda being the insertion of African women into the world market. Another issue to be discussed will be security in Sub-Saharan Africa. Indeed, Clinton is expected to ask the Cape Verdean government for its assistance in helping seek solutions for conflicts in Africa. The information was provided by the United States ambassador in Praia and by Cape Verde’s Minister of Foreign Affairs (photo), who held a press conference Tuesday to

Hillary Clinton may visit Cape Verde 28 Julho 2009

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may visit Cape Verde on the last leg of a trip that will take her to seven different African countries beginning on August 5. The tour is intended to reinforce US President Barack Obama’s commitment to making Africa a priority in American foreign policy.

Two more cases of swine flu confirmed in Cape Verde 25 Julho 2009

The Ministry of Health received confirmation of two more cases of influenza A (swine flu) in Cape Verde from the Pasteur Institute in Dakar, Senegal on Friday afternoon.

Praia Bishop’s retirement could mean re-unification of Cape Verde’s 2 dioceses 23 Julho 2009

Mindelo Bishop Arlindo Gomes Furtado will take the helm of the dioceses of both Santiago and Mindelo beginning in August, in a process that could end with their re-unification. The successor to Santiago Bishop Paulino Évora, who had been leading the Santiago Diocese since the previous diocese of Cape Verde was divided in two in 2004, admits that the designation of a new bishop for Mindelo could take some time.

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