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Corsino Tolentino: Africa needs less ideology and more science 31 Julho 2009

Researcher and former Cape Verdean Minister of Education Corsino Tolentino believes that less ideology and more science is needed to mitigate the difficulties experienced in Africa. Tolentino expressed this belief during the symposium on the United States of Africa that ended yesterday in Senegalese capital Dakar.

Santa Catarina Education Ministry delegation gives teaching materials to schools 30 Julho 2009

A total of 23 elementary schools in the municipality of Santa Catarina de Santiago will receive teaching materials from the Santa Catarina delegation of the Ministry of Education and Higher Learning today, July 30. The materials consist, for the most part, of textbooks acquired through the 2nd phase of the Escola Feliz Project, which was financed by the European Union and by the Portuguese Development Support Institute.

ILO elaborates dignified work plan in Cape Verde 29 Julho 2009

A group of specialists from the Dakar-based International Labor Organization is in Cape Verde to develop of program, along with Cape Verdean technicians, aimed at promoting respect for social and labor rights in Cape Verde. In the coming days, the ILO specialists and their Cape Verdean counterparts will meet with officials from the Ministry of Labor, union and employer representatives and Public Administration officials in order to gather ideas and suggestions for the elaboration of a manual of procedures on worker rights

Stock Exchange holds session to determine results of Fast Ferry bond sale 28 Julho 2009

At 5:00 pm today, July 28, the Cape Verde Stock Exchange will hold a special session aimed at determining the results of the public offer of future bonds for Cabo Verde Fast Ferry. The session will take place at the Cape Verde Stock Exchange facilities in Praia.

AJIC debates immigration in Cape Verde 28 Julho 2009

The Cape Verdean Association of Young Investigators (AJIC) is organizing a debate on immigration in Cape Verde to take place 6:15 pm Tuesday, July 28, at the Amílcar Cabral Foundation in Praia. Problems related to integration, border management, human rights and expectations on the part of immigrants will be discussed during the debate.

Jorge Pinto sworn in as commander of 3rd military region 15 Julho 2009

Defense Minister Cristina Fontes swore in Major Jorge Martins Andrade as commander of Cape Verde’s Third Military Region, Praia, on Wednesday, July 15. Until recently, the major served as commander of the Second Military Region, based on Sal.

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