North Santiago PAICV Regional Political Commission elections coming up Sunday 31 Julho 2009

The governing PAICV’s North Santiago Regional Political Commission will be holding direct elections to elect its new leader this Sunday. José Maria Veiga, a member of the party’s National Council and the head of its External Relations department, is the consensual candidate for the leadership of the North Santiago Regional Political Commission, and will be aided by two vice-presidents: Orlando Sanches and Victor Baessa, the mayors of the municipalities of Santa Cruz and São Lourenço dos Órgãos, respective

State of the Nation: personal attacks and asymmetrical readings 30 Julho 2009

The debate on the State of the Nation that took place in the National Assembly Wednesday, July 29, began with personal attacks between various different members of parliament and ended with asymmetrical readings on employment, health care, safety and Cape Verde’s macroeconomic indicators. While opposition party MpD believes that the country is “in freefall,” Prime Minister José Maria Neves affirms that this is a “nation with a high level of self-esteem” because “the country continues t

Case of Manuel Barbosa casts shadow over State of the Nation debate 29 Julho 2009

The debate in the National Assembly on the State of the Nation degenerated into personal attacks today, which forced the president of the parliament to intervene and appeal for civility in the legislative house, “which is a civilized institution,” he reminded lawmakers. Aristides Lima went so far as to threaten to take the floor away from opposition leader Jorge Santos when he mentioned the arrest of lawyer Manuel Barbosa – who is a half-brother of Prime Minister José Maria Neves – to suggest that

Parliament approves new land law for Boa Vista 28 Julho 2009

The National Assembly approved a bill this morning extending the deadline for Boa Vista residents to prove ownership of lands in the districts of Rabil and Chaves to July 2010. The bill was given a positive vote by all 38 legislators representing the PAICV, as well as the MpD legislator representing the Boa Vista electoral circle, José Luís Santos. The 18 other MpD legislators, as well as the UCID’s two representatives, voted against the bill.

UCID congress: António Monteiro re-elected with three vice-presidents 27 Julho 2009

The 15th congress of political party UCID culminated yesterday, July 26, with the re-election of António Monteiro as party president and the renovation of some 60% of its officials. Monteiro will be assisted in his functions by three vice-presidents, while Lídio Silva was re-elected president of the party’s 33-member National Council.

State of the Nation to be debated in National Assembly 27 Julho 2009

The National Assembly will be in session between today and Wednesday in order to hold the traditional State of the Nation debate and to vote on a series of bills on resolutions. Over the past 15 days, the political parties with seats in parliament have been preparing for the debate, considered a high point in the annual parliamentary agenda.

Constitutional Revision Commission to meet to reach consensus on final proposal 24 Julho 2009

The Constitutional Revision Commission will meet on July 27 in Praia to reach a consensus and establish a final accord between the PAICV and the MpD for the much-awaited revision of Cape Verde’s Constitution. The announcement comes from the commission’s president, José Manuel Andrade, who confirms that conversations on the issue have already begun.

Waler Évora elected new PAICV Regional Political Commission leader on Boa Vista 23 Julho 2009

Walter Évora, the leader of the PAICV in the Boa Vista municipal assembly, was elected the president of the party’s Regional Political Commission on the island this week. PAICV militants on the island also elected Denise Évora and Elida Mosso as Regional Political Commission vice-presidents.

MpD reiterates willingness to move ahead with constitutional revision 23 Julho 2009

Opposition party MpD is willing to re-start conversations on the revision of the Constitution, and says it does not understand the governing PAICV’s silence regarding the process. The matter will be discussed in a press conference scheduled for 11:00 am today to be given by MpD legislator Eurico Monteiro.

UCID holds congress in Mondelo 21 Julho 2009

The Mindelo faction of the small but nevertheless divided political party UCID has scheduled its 15th elective congress for July 24, 25 and 26 on the island of São Vicente. The motto of the congress is “More UCID, More Cape Verde,” and will take place at the Jotamont Academy.

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