Mayra Andrade to come to Cape Verde during tour in September 28 Junho 2009

Cape Verdean singer Mayra Andrade will come to Cape Verde to present her second CD, Stória, Stória…, with five concerts between September 10 and 16.

“With Amor, Mar e Música I’m outlining a new beginning for my artistic career” 14 Junho 2009

Fantcha is back on the scene with her CD Amor, Mar e Música after a nine-year hiatus. In this interview, the São Vicente-born singer bares her soul, all of which she says she has put into this, her third album. She also reveals what led her to spend nearly a decade away from the stage.

Isa Pereira - Creole Enchantment 21 Abril 2009

Isa Pereira is releasing her first CD, Kriola EnKantu, on April 24, with a concert at Jorge Barbosa National Auditorium in Praia. In this interview, Isa lets her artist’s heart speak about her first “child.” Friendship, dreams, hopes and complicity are the ingredients of this interview, which reveals the sensitive soul of a woman who lets herself be transported into the most intimate spaces of her being when the music begins playing.

Lura in Eclipse 01 Abril 2009

Portuguese singer of Cape Verdean descent Lura is back with yet another new album, Eclipse. According to the artist, the title is not only a nod to the famous morna by legendary composer B. Leza, which she sings on the new CD, but is also a metaphor that translates the story of the album and, indeed, Lura’s own life.

Júlio Teixeira: A Cape Verdean surgeon in New York 03 Mar�o 2009

Júlio Teixeira was born on the island of Santiago 45 years ago. In 1989, he earned a degree in medicine in Pennsylvania, and since then has been a respected name in the area of metabolic illnesses. Today, he is considered an authority in the New York metropolitan region in the area of minimally invasive surgery, and his name is present on the list of the 100 best surgeons of New York state.

Miroca Paris: the fusion drummer 31 Janeiro 2009

Miroca Paris is one of today’s most sought-after Cape Verdean drummers and percussionists. His mastery has already been requested by three artists – Cesária Évora, Sara Tavares and Grace Évora – who will be recording new albums this year. One day, Miroca promises, he will also record an instrumental album based on his passion, which is the discovery of new sounds.

“The Palace of Culture is underutilized” 21 Agosto 2005

This week’s Artist of the Week is a place rather than a person. But as both people and places make art and propagate culture, today our “star” is the Palace of Culture, a national monument behind which are young citizens invested in nourishing a “continuous cycle of cultural production” in Cape Verde.

Edith Borges: “Cape Verde is inside me and as a Cape Verdean I am proud of this” 30 Julho 2005

Rainbow eyes

Her studio is located in Malmo, a city in faraway Sweden, but Edith Borges’ paintings leave no doubts: her soul is 100% Cape Verdean, full of the colors and sunshine of the Atlantic archipelago. On vacation in her native land, São Vicente, the artist, who is also a high school teacher, speaks of her career as a woman of the arts and her intense love for Cape Verde.

Interviewed by: Teresa Sofia Fortes

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