Child electrocuted in Porto Novo 31 Julho 2009

A nine-year-old boy was killed yesterday in Porto Novo (Santo Antão) after he received an electrical discharge. The incident apparently occurred when the boy, named Amery, went into his kitchen for breakfast at 11:00 am.

63-year-old man arrested in Porto Novo for sexual relations with 13-year-old 30 Julho 2009

A Porto Novo district court judge has ordered the preventative detention of a 63-year-old man for allegedly having had sexual intercourse withy a 13-year-old girl. Based on information gathered by A Semana Online, National Police arrested the man while he was still with the child following an anonymous tip.

Problems with BCN’s Visa Fácil card upset students in Brazil 30 Julho 2009

Cape Verdean students in Brazil are facing what they say is a lack of control in the Visa Fácil credit cards issued by Cape Verdean commercial bank BCN. In a letter addressed to A Semana Online, the students say that the cards show a certain figure for their available balance, but that they are unable to withdraw the funds.

“New Mindelo Bishop should be Cape Verdean,” says Zé Álvaro 29 Julho 2009

Father Zé Álvaro, who will return to Cape Verde on Friday, July 31 after having completed an 8-year mission in Boston, Massachusetts (in the United States), said in an interview with website visaonews that the next bishop of the Diocese of Mindelo should be Cape Verdean. “Cape verde has enough ecclesiastical maturity not to move backwards,” affirmed the priest.

Global Fund ends mission to Cape Verde 28 Julho 2009

The Global Fund ended its 15-day mission to Cape Verde yesterday. The mission was the first following the announcement of the approval of US$ 12 million in financing for Cape Verde’s fight against AIDS over the next five years.

Man attempts to rape 13-year-old girl on Sal 28 Julho 2009

A tip from family members prevented a 13-year-old girl from being raped in her home in Santa Maria, on the island of Sal. The suspect, who is still at large, is 33 years old and a native of the island of São Vicente, but has been living on Sal for some time.

Electra workers meet to take position on wage adjustment 27 Julho 2009

Employees of water and electricity utility Electra will meet in Praia today, July 27, to take a joint position on the company’s refusal to readjust worker salaries this year. The employees plan to make use of manifestations or strikes in order to demand the fulfillment of their rights.

Pastor Eudo Tavares de Almeida dead at 85 22 Julho 2009

The Reverend Eudo Tavares de Almeida passed away Monday, July 20, at the age of 85 in the United States of America.

47 Canarian families hope to carry out adoptions in Cape Verde 03 Julho 2009

The director of the Department of Minors and the Family of the Spanish autonomous region of the Canary Islands recently visited Cape Verde to discuss the situation of families in the archipelago who are hoping to adopt Cape Verdean children. Some 47 Canarian families are hoping to adopt children in Cape Verde.

Court finds in favor of suspended FHI workers 20 Junho 2009

The labor sector of Praia district court has ruled in favor of the six IFH employees punished with six days’ suspension and the cancellation of their end-of-year bonus and vacation pay in 2007.

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