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3rd edition of Nhô Kzik Violin Festival pays homage to Travadinha 03 Julho 2009

The Ribeira Grande de Santo Antão municipal chamber will hold the third edition of the Nhô Kzik Violin Festival on July 3 and 4 in the town of Ponta do Sol. Late violinist António Vicente Lopes, better known as Travadinha, will be paid homage in this edition of the festival, which will feature more than 16 different violinists, some of whom reside abroad.

Ribeira Grande municipal chamber cultural director Arlindo Fortes told A Semana Online that everything is ready for the festival to begin at the scheduled time. “The violinists, some of whom even came from abroad, including Ney Évora and an Italian woman, are already all in Ribeira Grande,” said Fortes.

The festival will be opened by a group of young artists and children participating in a violin school financed by the municipal chamber and by an Italian NGO.

The late Travadinha was born in the municipality of Paúl on the island of Santo Antão, and began playing at dances when he was only nine years old. He only achieved widespread notoriety at 40, however, when he went on tour in Portugal.

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