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47 Canarian families hope to carry out adoptions in Cape Verde 03 Julho 2009

The director of the Department of Minors and the Family of the Spanish autonomous region of the Canary Islands recently visited Cape Verde to discuss the situation of families in the archipelago who are hoping to adopt Cape Verdean children. Some 47 Canarian families are hoping to adopt children in Cape Verde.

According to Carmen Steinert, who was quoted by news agency Europa Press, there are currently 47 Canary Island families hoping to adopt a child in Cape Verde. 25 of these have already filed applications with the Cape Verdean Institute of Children and Teenagers (ICCA).

This was one of the issues discussed in a meeting between Steinert and ICCA president Marilena Baessa. The Canary Islands official stressed the importance of the meeting, saying that the Canary Islands are “pioneers in Spain in the realm of adoptions” in Cape Verde.

Most of the international adoption requests received by Cape Verde originate from Portugal and Spain, mainly the Canary Islands, according to Steinert.

Steinert also met with representatives from the Spanish Embassy in Praia and with Cape Verde’s Minister of Labor, Professional Training and Solidarity, Madalena Neves, and visited ICCA’s installations as well as the Children’s Emergency Center in Praia.

After returning to the Canary Islands, the director of the Department of Minors said she hoped that the changes being undertaken in Cape Verde would increase the number of minors available for adoption.

In May of this year, Cape Verde ratified the Hague Convention on Adoptions, the main aim of which is to regulate international adoptions in order to prevent child trafficking.

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