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63-year-old man arrested in Porto Novo for sexual relations with 13-year-old 30 Julho 2009

A Porto Novo district court judge has ordered the preventative detention of a 63-year-old man for allegedly having had sexual intercourse withy a 13-year-old girl. Based on information gathered by A Semana Online, National Police arrested the man while he was still with the child following an anonymous tip.

“Although it was not a case of rape, as the two had been engaged in a sexual relationship for more than a year, the man will be charged with sexual assault, as the girl is only 13 years old. And, as this is a public crime, it can be denounced by anyone with knowledge of the case,” explained a police source.

The man, who is an acquaintance of the girl’s family, assured them that although they had been dating for some time, they had never consummated the sexual act. This affirmation, however, was contradicted by the girl herself, who stated that their relationship had been a sexual one for more than a year.

The man was ordered held in preventative detention at Ponta do Sol jail pending trial.

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