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Brazilian university offers to host Cape Verdean researchers 26 Maio 2009

The Federal University of Alagoas in Brazil has offered to host Cape Verdean students for scientific initiation activities. The project is being elaborated and is now awaiting approval of Brazil’s Higher Learning Personnel Perfection Coordination department.

Professor Sílvia Uchoa affirms that, if the project is approved, University of Cape Verde students will be able to travel to Brazilian state of Alagoas for internships with credentialed researchers in various different areas of study. During the months of August and September, the students will develop scientific projects at the university through a scholarship program.

The specific objective of the program is to contribute toward the training of human resources in research and technological development and innovation in Cape Verde, stimulating scientific vocations wthin the country’s university community.

The project is also expected to lead the way in solidifying Brazil’s program aimed at supporting scientific training for students from African countries.

In Uchoa’s opinion, the Federal University of Alagoas will benefit indirectly from the project, as “the university’s research areas will be better publicized, and we’ll have the possibility of some of these students coming to attend graduate school with us, which would be extremely positive.”

According to the professor, various different academic units have already submitted the names of professors willing to orient the students, and at the university more than 30 have expressed their interest in participating in the program.

Within the context of the program, PROFOR-CV, Cape Verdean students will carry out projects allowing them undergo scientific training in Brazilian universities under the orientation of a qualified research professor during school vacation periods in Cape Verde. The students are to be selected by the Cape Verdean government in accordance with the number of slots available, and the internship will take place within the same framework as the Scientific Initiation Program in effect in Brazil.

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