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Cape Verde sees first rainfall of the season 29 Julho 2009

Since the early morning hours today, July 29, Cape Verde has been moistened by the first rains of the season. Information from the National Meteorological Institute indicates that more rain will fall over the coming 24 hours, mainly in the Leeward Islands.

Data from Cape Verde’s meteorological services indicate that the amount of precipitation seen so far today is not enough for the germination of seeds, but even so a number of farmers who spoke with A Semana Online in the Santiago countryside are wasting no time and have begun sowing seeds.

Significant rainfall in some of the Windward Islands, however, is only expected to come in the second half of August, which could be too late for farmers hoping for a repeat of last year’s relatively good harvest.

On Santiago, practically the entire island saw rain this morning, albeit not in great quantities. On the neighboring island of Fogo, in contrast, rainfall was heavy, especially in the municipalities of Mosteiros and Santa Catarina do Fogo. It also rained this morning on the islands of São Nicolau and Boa Vista.

In Mosteiros, rain has been falling since last week.

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