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A SEMANA : Primeiro diário caboverdiano em linha

Cape Verde to find out if Cidade Velha will make it on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list this week 22 Junho 2009

Thirty natural and cultural sites are in the running to be declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The meeting of UNESCO’s Executive Committee takes place beginning Monday, June 22, and will run until June 30 in Seville, Spain. Cape Verdean authorities affirm that Cidade Velha has “all conditions” necessary to be included on the list.

The announcement was made by the head of the Cape Verdean delegation at the 33rd session of UNESCO’s Patrimony Committee, José Armando Duarte. “Cape Verde’s inclusion as a World Heritage Site, a duty of memory, will serve as homage to the Cape Verdean people, a symbol of this crossing of cultures, religions and races. It is with optimism that we are heading to Seville in order to try to get our site on the list this year,” said the diplomat, who is also Cape Verde’s ambassador to France and the country’s permanent delegate with UNESCO.

Every year, the committee adds a maximum of 30 new sites to the list.

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