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Cape Verdean Embassy in Brazil closely following condition of Cape Verdean student shot by police 13 Julho 2009

The Cape Verdean Embassy in Brazil has been providing all necessary assistance to Cape Verdean student Waldir Monteiro, who was shot by a police officer on July 1 in Rio de Janeiro while returning home from class. The guarantee comes from Deontina Carvalho, the Cape Verdean diplomatic mission’s counsel in the Brazilian capital.

According to Carvalho, Monteiro is being accompanied directly and permanently by the Cape Verdean Consulate in Rio de Janeiro. “The student is doing well and has health insurance, which gives him access to private hospitals. I’ve spoken with his mother, who is in Brazil, and I can say that he is out of danger.”

As far as the reasons the student was shot five times by a police officer, Deontina Carvalho says that the issue is being investigated by the Brazilian justice system and, as such, the Cape Verdean Embassy cannot comment. “I can only say that the Embassy is providing the student with support in the health and justice sectors. And we’re going to do everything we can to ensure that justice is served.”

Waldir Monteiro is an Information Systems student in Rio de Janeiro, and was returning from class on a motorcycle taxi when he was shot five times by a police officer. He survived the shooting, but the Brazilian driver of the motorcycle taxi was not as fortunate and died on the scene. Based on information gathered by A Semana Online, the police officer apparently confused the student with a drug trafficker. Indeed, Monteiro was taken to the hospital in handcuffs.

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