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A SEMANA : Primeiro diário caboverdiano em linha

Cape Verdean music highlighted in “Time Out” 19 Junho 2009

The new albums by Lura, Mayra Andrade and Sara Tavares were the object of praise in a special article in the Portuguese edition of cultural magazine Time Out.

In his text, António Pires highlights the emergence of the three Cape Verdean singers on the World Music circuit, calling it “wholly just.” In his opinion, the three are comparable to the “great ambassadors” of Cape Verde’s music in the 1970s, 80s and 90s: Cesária Évora, Titina, Celina Pereira, Ana Firmino, Herminia or Teté Alhinho.

The Portuguese journalist and DJ reserves his greatest praise for Lura’s new CD Eclipse, “the best of this lot.” The singer “took traditional Cape Verdean genres to bring them together with even greater consistence and coherence,” affirms Pires.

Pires differentiates Sara Tavares’ Xinti, saying that the music of the Portuguese-born artist “is so personalized that what is at the base of each of these songs is no longer easily recognized. They are her songs, and hers alone, and this is good.” Sara Tavares “does not have, in Xinti, such brilliant moments as in Balancê, but she reaches a peak in terms of artistic and compositional coherence,” says the journalist.

Pires also has praise for Mayra Andrade’s Stória, Stória…. According to him, the young singer has managed “to overcome the difficult step of the second album – which is all the more difficult for someone with an absolutely brilliant first album – and surprise us once again.”

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