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Cape Verdean shot dead during drug deal in Portugal 09 Julho 2009

A young Cape Verdean man died in a Portuguese hospital Friday, July 3, after having been shot following a drug deal that went bad.

According to Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã, which cited police sources, the incident began Thursday night when a group of three Cape Verdeans, all of them approximately 20 years of age, traveled from the capital, Lisbon, to Loulé, in southern Portugal.

The trip was allegedly aimed at acquiring drugs from a group of Moroccan dealers. The deal, however, which had been scheduled to take place near the Loulé train station, ended with stabbings and gunshots. According to a police source, the Cape Verdeans attempted to steal the drugs, but were unable to do so, and then proceeded to stab and kidnap one of the Moroccans.

The man was taken to his residence in another district of Loulé, where the group was received by another individual, who began shooting at them with a rifle. One of the Cape Verdeans was shot in the leg.

The Cape Verdeans fled, but stopped at a gas station to fill up their car. At the station, a client noticed blood dripping out of their car and notified authorities.

Police made their way to the spot, where they assisted the wounded Cape Verdean. The young man was taken to Loulé hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. The other two Cape Verdeans, as well as the Moroccan who had been stabbed, were arrested and taken before a Faro district court judge.

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