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A SEMANA : Primeiro diário caboverdiano em linha

Cesária Évora to meet with Hugo Chavez 18 Maio 2009

The barefoot diva’s voice will be heard live for the first time in Venezuela. Cesária Èvora will hold a concert Friday, May 29, in Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas. The Cape Verdean singer has told local newspapers there that she hopes to give a “great concert,” and reveals that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is hoping to meet her.

Asked by newspaper El Universal about why she was only now coming to perform in Venezuela, Évora replied that “there’s a first time for everything.” “This is my first concert in Caracas and I think you’ll really enjoy it. What’s more, President Chavez wants to meet me. So we’ll see,” she said.

The Cape Verdean singer reveals that she will express the joy she feels in being able to visit Venezuela to the country’s head of state, and says she hopes to sing in the country again in the future. “I want to share a number of things about our countries with him, our visions of the world and our cultures (…). I have an association in Cape Verde that teaches children the value of music through singing and performing. I want to show this work I do to the President, and maybe do something with it,” said the star to digital newspaper Cadena Global.

“I’m anxious to get to Venezuela. I’m very eager to get to know the country and its public, which has been waiting for me for so long,” she said.

A common question from reporters is the reason why the singer always performs barefoot. “I don’t like shoes. There’s nothing special behind it,” she explains. Asked, however, whether she intended to extend her habit while in Miraflores Palace, she replied “no.” “I don’t think so, because you can’t walk around barefoot in a presidential palace. Who knows, though, maybe in the dinner we have scheduled,” she joked.

“Asked by the newspaper TalCual Digital if she would be asking the Venezuelan president for anything, she said “nothing except a photo.”

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