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Child electrocuted in Porto Novo 31 Julho 2009

A nine-year-old boy was killed yesterday in Porto Novo (Santo Antão) after he received an electrical discharge. The incident apparently occurred when the boy, named Amery, went into his kitchen for breakfast at 11:00 am.

“According to his cousin, when he leaned against the kitchen door, which is made of tin, Amery fell to the ground in convulsions. Thinking that her cousin was feeling ill, she threw water on him. When I got there he was already practically dead,” says an uncle of the victim.

According to another relative, the shock was the result of an electrical current coming from an ungrounded electrical cable on the roof of the house. After the recent rains, the cable, coming into contact with water, apparently caused an electrical discharge.

“Two pieces of iron, one of which was on the roof and the other of which spanned the ceiling of the small tin kitchen, apparently conducted the electrical current all the way to the door,” he explained.

Amery Mendes was buried Thursday in Porto Novo.

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