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Child suspected of having swine flu under house quarantine on Sal 24 Julho 2009

A 9-year-old Austrian child who arrived on the island of Sal with symptoms similar to those of swine flu (H1N1 virus) is under house quarantine at his family’s residence in the Murdeira district of the island. The little girl and her family, who disembarked at Sal’s Amílcar Cabral International Airport after arriving on a flight from Munich, Germany on Wednesday, will be kept under medical surveillance until the Sal Health Department delegation receives the results of laboratory tests.

Sal Health Department delegate Ana Paula Santos told A Semana Online that the girl suffered from headaches and vomiting during the flight, which led the commander of the aircraft, operated by German company Hapaglloyd, to contact Cape Verdean authorities. As a prevention measure, Airport and Air Security Company ASA advised the Health Department delegation on the island of Boa Vista, where the aircraft was to make its first stop, as well as that on Sal, where the child’s family owns a home.

With the due precautions taken, the Sal medical staff inspected the aircraft as soon as it arrived at Amílcar Cabral Airport at 6:26 pm Wednesday, verifying that the girl’s fever had gone down and that she was not suffering from a cough. Even so, Dr. Ana Paula Santos decided that the child should remain under quarantine.

“We opted for a home quarantine at the family’s residence in Murdeira, and at the moment the child is doing well. We’re now going to gather material and send it for laboratory tests at the Pasteur Institute in Dakar. Within seven to ten days we’ll know if our suspicions of H1N1 will be confirmed,” said the Sal health Department delegate.

The other 120 passengers of Hapaglloyd flight 7140 were taken to a hotel on Sal and were advised to immediately contact health services if they developed any flu-like symptoms.

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