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Dutch Embassy gives Mindelo Cultural Center € 25,000 to acquire sound equipment 31 Maio 2009

The Dutch Embassy gave €25,000 in financing to the Mindelo Cultural Center on Friday, May 29 for the acquisition of sound equipment for its auditorium.

Johannes W. Gunivortus Jansing, the Netherlands ambassador in Dakar, Senegal, said during the ceremony marking the signing of the accord in question that he had visited the Mindelo Cultural Center about one year ago, realizing, on the occasion, that the facility was one of “great importance, but with a number of shortcomings. That’s why I decided I would see what we could do to contribute towards financing sound equipment.”

Now, the Mindelo Cultural Center will finally get its own sound equipment, something that satisfies Jansing. “Cape Verdeans are very prolific in terms of culture, especially music. That’s why I’m proud to contribute to the fulfillment of the dreams of São Vicente’s artists.”

Also visibly satisfied is the director of the Mindelo Cultural Center, Josina Freitas. “Because of the lack of sound equipment, we’ve had to cancel a number of activities in the past,” she confessed. With this financing from the Netherlands, she said, “in addition to promoting more cultural activities, we’re going to establish a rehearsal plan for São Vicente’s musical groups in order to encourage them to give more concerts.”

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