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Electra workers meet to take position on wage adjustment 27 Julho 2009

Employees of water and electricity utility Electra will meet in Praia today, July 27, to take a joint position on the company’s refusal to readjust worker salaries this year. The employees plan to make use of manifestations or strikes in order to demand the fulfillment of their rights.

Julião Varela, the permanent secretary of labor union SISCAP, with which most of the company’s workers are affiliated, affirmed that Electra has justified its refusal by citing its problematic financial situation. According to Varela, the water and electricity utility says that the situation became worse with the parliament’s rejection of a bill aimed at introducing a fee aimed at financing the illumination of public areas in Cape Verde.

“Faced with this decision from Electra, we’re going to meet with workers from the Praia delegation beginning at 6:00 pm Monday at the National Historical Archive. They will have to decide if they’re going to hold a work stoppage or adopt other forms of struggle in order to see their legitimate rights fulfilled,” said the leader of the SISCAP.

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