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Global Fund ends mission to Cape Verde 28 Julho 2009

The Global Fund ended its 15-day mission to Cape Verde yesterday. The mission was the first following the announcement of the approval of US$ 12 million in financing for Cape Verde’s fight against AIDS over the next five years.

The main objective of the mission was to evaluate the management capacity of the future administrators of the funds that will be made available to Cape Verde over the next five years: the Executive Secretariat of the Coordination Committee for the Fight Against AIDS (CCS-SIDA), which will administer the public sector funds, and the NGO Platform, which will be responsible for managing the funds for non-governmental organizations.

According to sources close to the Ministry of Health, the Global Fund took note of “various shortcomings” in the areas of monitoring and procurement, both in the CCS-SIDA and in the NGO Platform, and recommended the adoption of “urgent measures” to capacitate the agents in question.

The Global Fund mission also warned of “some important faults” detected in the realm of medicine stock provisioning and control, and recommended the adoption of an “integrated drug stock control system supervised by the Central Medication Warehouse.”

The Global Fund mission concluded that all of the shortcomings detected “must be solved by September of this year” in order for the Fund to release the first tranche of funding, scheduled for October.

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