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Henrique Rosa to run for president of Guinea Bissau 14 Abril 2009

Former Guinea Bissau president Henrique Rosa has presented his candidacy for the June 28 presidential elections in the country. Rosa decided to “dare to change Guinea Bissau and give it a face of dignity.”

In the speech he gave in presenting his candidacy, Henrique Rosa said that his run for the presidency “is the responsibility and daring of us all. We’re going to dare to change Guinea Bissau and give it a face of dignity.”

Rosa affirmed that his candidacy made sense only because he believes in the Guinea Bissauan people’s capacity and strength to change their country, and explained that his decision to run in the presidential elections was “motivated and encouraged” by men and women of all ages, ethnic groups, regions, professions and religions.

Ending the instability and weakness of state structures and combating poverty are among the challenges mentioned by the candidate in the ceremony in which he announced his candidacy.

Born in Bafatá in 1946, Henrique Rosa is a businessman who has worked in the sectors of shipping insurance, international trade and farming. He is also the honorary consul of Ivory Coast in Guinea Bissau. He is an honored member of the Guinean Human Rights League, and has been distinguished with the French Legion of Honor medal.

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