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Hillary Clinton’s visit to Cape Verde confirmed 29 Julho 2009

Hillary Clinton will visit Cape Verde on August 13 and 14, with the main point on her agenda being the insertion of African women into the world market. Another issue to be discussed will be security in Sub-Saharan Africa. Indeed, Clinton is expected to ask the Cape Verdean government for its assistance in helping seek solutions for conflicts in Africa. The information was provided by the United States ambassador in Praia and by Cape Verde’s Minister of Foreign Affairs (photo), who held a press conference Tuesday to announce the US Secretary of State’s visit to the country.

Hillary Clinton’s visit to Cape Verde confirmed

Speaking of the main item on the agenda of Hillary Clinton’s tour of a number of African countries, the AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act), American Ambassador to Cape Verde Marianne Myles said that the Act, which is the main economic and trade cooperation program between the United States and Sub-Saharan Africa, has yet to bring major benefits to Cape Verde, but provided an extensive vision of Cape Verde’s intentions regarding to AGOA.

Renewal of the MCA

Myles also spoke about the renewal of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) program, which has brought considerable benefits to Cape Verde, opening the country up to a future of improved socio-economic conditions. “It is a very good program, and Cape Verde will have the possibility to take advantage of this opportunity for the future,” affirmed Myles.

In the view of Cape Verde’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Brito, it is very likely that the US government will renew the Millennium Challenge Account – Cape Verde program in spite of the financial crisis affecting the world and the various other MCA-related requests for renewal being received by the United States.

Brito affirmed that “Cape Verde is the only country in the world with an MCA program that will conclude all of the projects agreed upon in the program within the established time frame.” The US ambassador, however, hinted that Clinton’s visit is not likely to provide any concrete responses on the matter.

José Brito stressed that Cape Verde has always been on the political agenda of the United States, and believes that Hillary Clinton’s visit is confirmation of Cape Verde’s role as a major player in foreign policy, especially in Africa.

The inclusion of this tiny island country in the US Secretary of State’s tour of Africa is also recognition of the proper functioning of Cape Verde’s democracy and good governance, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs. What’s more, he said, “Clinton’s visit is proof that Cape Verde is reaching a level of relations that surpasses the routine.”

Deportees, a sensitive issue

The issue of Cape Verdean deportees from the United States, “a sensitive matter,” will also be discussed during Hillary Clinton’s visit to Cape Verde, as will a number of accords between the two countries, according to information provided to A Semana Online by José Brito.

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