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Low voter turnout seen in Bissau 27 Julho 2009

Guinea Bissau’s National Elections Commission affirms that Sunday’s presidential run-off election went according to plan, and that of all the country’s sectors, that of capital city Bissau showed the lowest voter turnout. “So far there have been no incidents,” affirmed CNE spokesman Orlando Veigas, speaking Sunday about the second and final round of voting in the troubled country’s presidential elections.

“In the first part of the day there was a low voter turnout in Bissau, contrary to what has been seen in the country’s other regions,” said Veigas.

Questioned as to the possible reasons for the low voter turnout in the capital city, Veigas said they were not yet known, but that the CNE “decided to visit all of the polling stations to get an idea of what is happening on the ground.”

The CNE spokesman also said that the rainfall registered Sunday in the south of the country and in the Bijagós islands was not hampering the process. “Based on the information we have in the south, in the Tombali region, voter turnout has been high. I think that the rain factor has not really influenced the voting process this time around,” concluded Veigas.

Polling stations in Guinea Bissau opened at 7:00 am and remained open for voting until 5:00 pm. The results of the early presidential elections are expected to be known by Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

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