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Maio post office robbed twice in one month 01 Agosto 2009

The post office building on the island of Maio was broken into twice during the month of July. Clients have expressed concern, as on both occasions thieves violated mail and stole cash.

Police in the town of Porto Inglês believe that the thefts were made easier by the physical vulnerability of the building itself. A police source told A Semana Online that protective bars exist only on the building’s windows, but that the door is vulnerable. On both occasions, the thieves broke in to the building over the weekend, when fewer people circulate in the area.

“The thief or thieves entered the building from behind, through a sort of courtyard, and broke in through a door that leads inside the building. This time they took 6,000 escudos in cash, but the value itself is not that important. What is worrisome is that the thieves violated clients’ mail, and this discredits the post office on the island of Maio,” explained the source.

The more recent of the two break-ins took place on July 27. But, despite the robberies, police say that post office officials have so far resisted suggestions to put a nighttime security guard on duty at the building.

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