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Ministry of Agriculture supports farmers with breeders to improve goat stock 30 Julho 2009

The Fogo delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Environment, Rural Development and Marine Resources will provide assistance to the island’s farmers, providing them with more breeders. The measure comes as part of the food security project financed by the Spanish Cooperation Agency and by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which is aimed at improving goat and bovine stocks in the archipelago.

In the first phase, four farmers from the villages of Mãe Joana and Estância Roque will receive one breeder goat each. In the second phase, four breeders will be distributed to female heads-of-household in Forno, who will also receive irrigated plots of land and improved corrals.

The stock improvement project had taken the animal husbandry practiced on the island of Fogo to new levels, according to farmers in Cabeça do Monte, Ribeira Filipe, Cabeça Fundão, Chã das Caldeiras and other districts of the island’s high-altitude zones, who are now exporting goats to the islands of Santiago, Boa Vista and Brava.

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