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More car thefts on São Vicente 28 Julho 2009

A Mindelo resident spent more than 30 hours looking for his Nissan vehicle, which was stolen over the weekend in the Monte Sossego neighborhood of the city. On Monday afternoon, he found it abandoned in the district of Ribeira de Vinha.

The car had been rammed into a mound of dirt and was missing all of its sound equipment, while the battery was completely dead. “My car disappeared during the night between Saturday and Sunday, and only today, Monday, did I receive information that it had been located in Ribeira de Vinha. As far as I can tell, they stole the sound equipment,” explains Louro, the owner of the Nissan.

This is yet another case of car theft on the island of São Vicente, where over the past several months the National Police have registered six or seven identical cases. Normally, the cars are stolen during the night, with the thieves joy-riding until the gas runs out and then abandoning it, usually on the outskirts of the city of Mindelo.

One police source told A Semana Online that in the case of the less expensive Starlet cars, the thieves steal the vehicles in order to sell parts, as, since the model is no longer in production, there are no more new pieces on the market.

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