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Neves congratulates Arménio Vieira for Camões Award 03 Junho 2009

Prime Minister José Maria Neves told A Semana Online that it was with “pride and satisfaction” that he learned that this year’s Camões Award had been attributed to Cape Verdean poet, novelist and playwright Arménio Vieira. “It is a great honor, and constitutes a high point for Cape Verdean literature and for Cape Verde,” said the Prime Minister.

José Maria Neves, a well-known literature lover who often embellishes his speeches with quotes from Cape Verdean poets, gave an official declaration Wednesday morning to publicly congratulate writer Arménio Vieira for his distinction Tuesday in Brazil, where he was chosen as this year’s recipient of the Camões Award, considered the highest honor in Portuguese-language literature. “It is with great pride that I welcome this news, pride for Arménio Vieira, pride for Cape Verdean literature, for all Cape Verdean writers and for Cape Verde,” the Prime Minister told A Semana Online Wednesday morning.

According to Neves, the selection of Vieira also constitutes a high point in Cape Verdean literature, “especially for Arménio, a timeless and borderless poet who projects the most modern aspects of Cape Verdean literature.”

“But it is also,” he added, “a great moment for Cape Verde, with such a small country having such projection in international literature.”

This is the first time a Cape Verdean writer has ever won the Camões Award. A native of Praia, Arménio Vieira is the author of four books, two of poetry and two novels.

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