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New Order of Physicians president sworn in 31 Julho 2009

The new president of the Order of Physicians of Cape Verde (OMC) will be sworn in today, July 31, in a ceremony to take place at the National Assembly building in Praia. Júlio Andrade is a specialist in ophthalmology, the sector for which is responsible at Praia’s Agostinho Neto Hospital. Andrade was elected at the OMC’s 7th general assembly in June of this year to succeed Luís Leite, who had led the Order since 2001. The ceremony will be attended by representatives of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) medical community, including the presidents of the Order of Physicians of Portugal and Angola, the president of brazil’s Federal Council of Medicine and a representative from the Brazilian Medical Association.

The 231 physicians who took part in the election of the new OMC president gave 150 votes to the ticket headed by Júlio Andrade, double the number of votes garnered by his opponent Conceição Carvalho (75).
The directorship of the Order of Physicians consists of the following officers:

National Directive Council: President – Júlio Andrade; Vice-president – Ernesto Ramos Guilherme Rocha; Secretary – Maria da Luz Mendonça; Treasurer – Hélder Margarito Tavares; Replacements – Orlando Rosário Lopes Andrade and Mónica Cristina Rodrigues.

General Assembly: Ireneu Fileto Brito Gomes, Francisco Fortunato Barbosa Amado, Emely Silva Santos. Replacements: Samila Inocêncio, Hélder José Miranda Rosário.

National Discipline Council: Dulce Valadares Dupret, Filomena Libânia Évora, Maria da Conceição Ramos Pinto. Replacements – José de Fátima Semedo da Rosa, Mário Elísio Semedo Sena.

Fiscal Council: Carlos Augusto Vieira Ramos, Henrique José O. Vera-Cruz, Luís Manuel Dias Andrade. Replacements – António Fernandes Gomes, Carolina Cardoso Silva Leite.

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