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New public auction for presidential house on Sal 29 Julho 2009

The Department of State Patrimony will soon re-organize the process for the sale of the official residence of the President of the Republic on the island of Sal, a house popularly known as Madama. On Tuesday, no potential buyers showed up at the public auction aimed at selling off the piece of real-estate.

Department of State Patrimony director Paulo Soares explains that the auction site was “deserted,” and that no sealed proposals for the purchase of the house were received either. The piece of land on which the Madama is located totals 4.43 hectares, and the minimum bid was set at 350,000,000 escudos.

“We’re immediately going to call a meeting of the commission and prepare the documents in order to hold a second public auction in the near future, as is determined by law. If this second auction shows the same results, we will then move forward with a bid for the sale of the piece of state property through the submission of proposals,” said Soares.

Soares guaranteed that the auction was carefully planned and widely advertised, but admits that the international financial crisis, which has had a negative impact on the tourist and real-estate sectors in Cape Verde, could be behind the fact that no potential buyers showed up at the event.

According to Soares, with the sale of the presidential residence on Sal, the States intends to raise revenues aimed at carrying out structural work on the Presidential Palace in Praia. “The degraded condition of the Presidential Palace does not dignify the important functions of the Head of State,” said Soares.

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