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New stage to be used in this year’s Baía das Gatas festival 27 Julho 2009

The 2009 edition of São Vicente’s Baía das Gatas festival will take place on a brand new stage. The new structure presents more appropriate physical conditions and includes a press room and two dressing rooms.

But the new stage, which has become a reality following years of suggestions on the part of artists participating in the festival, will only be fully complete next year, when six more dressing rooms will be added, in addition to restaurant, conference hall, warehouse and several restrooms.

Everything else is ready to go for the 25th edition of the Baía das Gatas festival, according to São Vicente municipal chamber culture department head Humberto Lélis.

“The presence of all of the artists invited has been confirmed, and cotracts have been signed for sound and lighting services with Marius Productions,” according to Lélis.

As far as safety is concerned, National Police official Aguinaldo Melício affirms that police authorities will not make any major alterations. However, considering the new location of the stage, officers will be placed at different spots on the festival grounds, and traffic surveillance will be stepped up due to the recent opening of a new access road to the area – the Calhau – Baía das Gatas road.

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