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Norberto Tavares to get new kidney Tuesday 20 Julho 2009

Cape Verdean musician Norberto Tavares will receive a new kidney tomorrow, July 21. The operation, which will take place thanks to the altruistic gesture of another Cape Verdean, Carlos Tavares, was pushed forward three days.

The information was confirmed to website visaonews by the donor, Carlos Tavares, a Cape Verdean activist who resides in the US state of Rhode Island.

In an interview with visaonews, Carlos Tavares, who is engaged and scheduled to be married next year, says he feels satisfied regarding the gesture he has undertaken.

After he recovers from surgery, Carlos Tavares, who is no relation to Norberto, promises to launch a campaign for the creation of a foundation in Rhode Island aimed at raising people’s awareness about the importance of donating organs and saving lives.

“It all began with an e-mail I received from my colleague Tony Neves, the owner of the Neves Travel Agency, discussing Norberto Tavares’ situation. I immediately replied and offered to take the tests to determine the compatibility of my organs,” explained Carlos Tavares.

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