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Pastor Eudo Tavares de Almeida dead at 85 22 Julho 2009

The Reverend Eudo Tavares de Almeida passed away Monday, July 20, at the age of 85 in the United States of America.

Pastor Eudo Tavares de Almeida dead at 85

An excellent soccer player in his youth, Eudo Tavares de Almeida, a native of the island of Boa Vista, exchanged a promising career in sports for a life serving God after hearing the Gospel on the island of São Vicente.

A student of the first group of pastors trained by the Nazarene Seminary of Cape Verde, Eudo Tavares de Almeida worked on his native island as well as on Santo Antão and Brava, in addition to Brazil, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United States of America, founding and taking care of a number of churches.

The father of 13 children with his wife Arlinda, Eudo Tavares de Almeida is also the author of the book Acredite se quiser, in which he describes the story of his life since joining the Church of the Nazarene.

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