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Pre-trial hearing for Keith Luke this Thursday 15 Julho 2009

Keith Luke, the young American man accused of murdering Cape Verdean immigrants Selma Gonçalves and Arlindo Gonçalves on January 21 of this year, is expected to appear at Brockton District Court on July 16 for a pre-trial hearing.

19-year-old Selma Gonçalves was shot dead by Keith Luke when she attempted to come to the aid of her sister, who was being attacked by the young American. As he fled the scene of the crime in the Massachusetts city of Brockton, he also shot and killed another Cape Verdean immigrant, Arlindo de Pina Gonçalves.

Luke is believed to have methodically prepared his plan to, in his own words, kill the largest possible number of Blacks, Hispanics and Jews.

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