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President decorates those involved in helping Cidade Velha become World Heritage Site 04 Julho 2009

President Pedro Pires will bestow 1st Class Medals of Merit on a series of individuals he believes made major contributions toward helping historic site Cidade Velha be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The ceremony is slated to take place at approximately 5:00 pm at the Presidential Palace in Praia. Among those on the list of those to be decorated are former Ministers of Culture David Hopffer Almada and António Jorge Delgado, as well as current Minister of Culture Manuel Veiga.

An A Semana Online source affirms that the list of those to be honored has yet to be completed and could come to include other individuals, including the current president of the Institute of Cultural Investigation and Patrimony, Carlos Carvalho, and the scientific director of the project aimed at earning World Heritage Site status for Cidade Velha, Charles Akibodé.

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