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Presidential runoff in Guinea Bissau set for July 26 07 Julho 2009

Guinea Bissau’s National Elections Commission (CNE) has scheduled the runoff in the country’s presidential elections for July 26. The information was confirmed by CNE president Desejado Lima da Costa, who guaranteed that the electoral results announced last Thursday were not contested by anyone.

Former Guinea Bissauan government minister Francisco Fadul, however, believes that the country’s voters are facing a dilemma between the two candidates, and has expressed skepticism regarding the possibility of change in a country as long as the current politicians remain in power.

In the opinion of the former cabinet minister, “there will not be much change. For voters, these elections are a dilemma.” Fadul was referring to the choice between Malam Bacai Sanhá, the candidate supported by the PAIGC, which holds a majority in parliament, and Kumba Ialá, of the PRS. The two will dispute the presidency in the runoff of last week’s first round of elections.

According to Fadul, “one of the candidates has already said that he’ll maintain the unconstitutionally and illegally named military chiefs,” which, in Fadul’s opinion, “means that he won’t have his own voice in the country’s institutional process.”

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