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TACV may increase frequency of flights to Fortaleza in 2010 11 Junho 2009

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines’ new regional representative in Fortaleza, Brazil, Sá Nogueira, affirms that the company hopes to serve as a link between northeastern Brazil and South Africa during the 2010 World Cup.

TACV currently operates one weekly flight between Praia and Fortaleza, the capital of the Brazilian state of Ceará. However, as Sá Nogueira told local newspaper O Povo, the airline hopes to increase the number of flights to the destination in 2010, with its eye on the Brazilian tourists and soccer fans who will be visiting South Africa during the World Cup next year.

The information was not officially confirmed by TACV administration – contacted by A Semana Online, the airline affirmed only that the flight Schedule for summer 2010 had yet to be defined.

Sá Nogueira, however, told O Povo that TACV could carry out charter flights between Fortaleza and Johannesburg, be they direct or with a stopover either at Sal’s Amílcar Cabral International Airport or at Dakar’s Léopold Senghor Airport. Sá Nogueira added that charter flights could be programmed between Fortaleza and Sal, from which Delta Airlines flights to South Africa will be departing.

TACV also plans to hold two regularly-scheduled weekly flights between Fortaleza and Praia during the 2010 World Cup, according to Sá Nogueira.

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