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Three killed in traffic accident in Praia 27 Julho 2009

Sónia Mendes Fernandes, Ludmila Patrícia Semedo and Helena Lopes were killed on impact in a traffic accident Sunday night in Monte Vaca, on the outskirts of Praia. The three young women, aged between 17 and 20, were all residents of the municipality of São Salvador do Mundo, on the island of Santiago.

The three fatal victims were returning from a party in the village of Santana in a Toyota pickup truck along with some 20 other people. They were killed when the driver of the pickup “made a dangerous pass, crashed into two vehicles coming in the opposite direction and was thrown off the road,” according to a report from the regional commander of the National Police in Praia, Guilherme Cardoso.

17 others were injured in the accident. Most of the injuries were minor, but four of the victims were still in Praia’s Agostinho Neto Hospital under medical observation as of this morning.

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